X8T Tourniquet

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The X8T is the only tourniquet with the patented windlass design. It is the only tourniquet that can be operated single handed with only gross motor skills. 

X8T was researched and developed by a tactical physician and mechanical engineer with input from soldiers, law enforcement, and medical professionals.

The challenge they saw with traditional tourniquet is the time involved and motor skills necessary during application. During trauma and under high stress, complex physical motor skills become less available and effective.  Unlike current tourniquets, X8T integrates a patent-pending MED™ (Maximum Efficiency Dial™) Technology that requires no prior medical experience or training.


  • Made in the USA

  • Quality & Strength Tested

  • Can be applied in 1/3 of the time compared to leading TQs on the market

  • Easily Operated With One Hand

  • Stands Up to the Elements

  • Requires Only Gross Motor Skills

  • CE
  • Trainer model available - Blue Color


This tourniquet is used in a variety of industries from the more expected such as: Military, LE, EMTs and Firefighters to Civilian use, outdoor enthusiasts, construction and manufacturing industries for on site emergencies, schools, and inmany other businesses.