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Retmex Nomex

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Evacuate Victims

Retmex gives responders the capability to secure
and quickly evacuate patients from a dangerous scene.

Prevent Secondary Injuries

A rapid evacuation often becomes a key link for survival.
Inappropriate extraction has the potential to damage victims and cause serious injuries for example, during house fires.

Extinguish Flames

Inherently flame resistant, Nomex® makes it possible
to use the Retmex to help extinguish flames.
For example, when a person’s clothing is on fire.

Unique. In Every Detail.

Retmex is designed with exceptional materials:
Nomex®, Kevlar®, retro-reflective straps & highly advanced webbing

Evacuation sledge

Flame & heat resistant

With Nomex at its base, Retmex is inherently flame & heat resistant.


Powerful protection

The Retmex also contains powerful Kevlar® yarns.

Infant & baby evacuation

Highly advanced webbing

Highly advanced & fire retardant webbing provides extra strength.

Infant & baby evacuationRetro reflective straps

The retro reflective straps ensure visibility in the dark.