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S-CUT QE - The Emergency Cutting Tool for Rescue Services S-CUT is designed for use on patients in rescue situations as well as emergency situations in hospitals. It is a fast way to remove the patient’s clothes in order to expose injuries without needing to change the patient’s position which could inflict further injury or unnecessary pain. S-CUT replaces scissors, knifes and similar tools. Ordinary fabrics as well as leather belts, zippers and heavy outerwear can be easily cut. All you need is a free edge of the clothes where you can start the cut.

The QE is an allround cutting device for those who need to cut through different materials, almost everything but metal. With amazing cutting capability you can easily cut heavy leather belt, tarpaulin or ground cloth. With same easiness you cut paper or plastic bags string, rope. Etc. Only your imagination sets the limit. The QE is ready to use, just place the material to be cut between the handle and the black plastic support and pull.

Designed after same cutting- and security principle as Medical device S-CUT.

Blue and black are standard colors. There are some optional colors available.